Low Voltage Battery Disconnect

Image of Low Voltage Battery Disconnect

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Description :

A voltage battery monitor for 12V and 24V Systems.

This board monitors your battery voltage and when it reachs the low set level the relay will disconnect your load. When the battery voltage is higher than the low set value the relay restores power to the load.

Version 2 features.

Specifications :
12 Volt 24Volt

Fully adjustable Low Window : Default 10.5 Volts 21 Volts
Fully adjustable High Window : Default 14.9 Volts 29.8 Volts
* Works with 12 volt and 24 volt systems
*Fuse and polarity protection
*Calibration window is more precise
*Anti trigger suppression
*Now includes low relay drive - drives a relay with half current

Assembled and aligned ready to be wired to your setup . Includes instructions and wiring diagram.

24Volt Now available

# Requires Relay to complete the system
# RCL board sold separately