Complete Load Diversion Wind/Solar Charge Controller V5

Image of Complete Load Diversion Wind/Solar Charge Controller  V5

$145.99 - On Sale

The Jason Kits Deluxe Charge Controller comes completely assembled and pre-aligned for proper charge cycles. It Includes the Relay ,dummy load and inline diode . Just connect the battery and your energy source (Wind Turbine or Solar Panel ) and off you go .

Main Features

* Integrated inline 40 amp fuse
* Inline 40 Amp diode (Battery wont drain )
* Reverse Polarity Diode and fuse Protection
* Available in 12 Volt and 24 Volt Versions
* Integrated Dummy load
* Integrated 12v 40 Amp or 24v 120Amp Heavy Duty Relay
* Easy to wire includes terminal block

Each fully assembled controller provides:

* Charge and Float Override Switches
* Dual indicator LED - Green/Charge & Yellow/Float
* 24v - 120Amp Charge Loads
* 12v - 40 Amp Charge Loads
* Pre-wired with relay base with heavy duty Relay with inline fuse -
* terminal block for easy charge source and storage-battery hook up