3D Printer Filament Diameter Sensing : Assembled

Image of 3D Printer Filament Diameter Sensing : Assembled



*BACK IN STOCK ! with new pcb layout now available in green , the sensor pins are available on a header, chip comes pre programmed - if you need to experiment with it and need the chip to be accessible, choose option 1 for a socket on the board. Power pins and Output are available on the 4 pin header .

1.75mm filament diameter sensing for 3d printer Marlin- flavor

Sensor range is : 1.50 - 2.5mm - 1.75mm recommended

3D Filament Width Sensor . The unit works by using an led to throw light in a tunnel where the filament is being pushed. beneath the filament there is a 400 dpi sensor that picks the shadow of the filament and the processor translates it to a working voltage. ie 1.75V = 1.75mm filament.

Every Unit is tested before being shipped

Fully Built board with all components and tested by our technician.

Unit consists of :

1 x 3D printed enclosure at 40 % infill

1 x pcb board Assembled and tested

1 x High brightness led wired to the board.

1 x instruction Manual to hook it up to ramps 1.4.