Under voltage or Over voltage Control module

Image of Under voltage or Over voltage Control module


What is it?

This module can detect under and over voltage in a d.c system and trigger a relay accordingly

Why did i make it?

I have been asked multiple times for this unit, having researched around , i discovered that none were available off the shelf, so i designed my own version .

What makes it special?

With this module you can either configure it to work as under or over voltage detection. this means if you need over voltage then just configure the jumpers for over voltage , but if you need it for under voltage then just flip the jumpers for under voltage ..

the board can control a relay rated at max 1 amp #!

This board can be adapted to work with 24v systems too !


* Unit can be set to trigger from 10v to 16v - adjustable by preset .
* switching current 1Amp.
* Fused input
* Relay and Power Leds

Supplied as a Kit or Fully Assembled

I will ship professional made pcb with instructions for kit version and assembled version will be shipped with calibrated unit with instructions.